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birthday party

birthday party at aaga

AAGA has hosted birthday parties in Sioux Falls for thirty years! We know how to throw a party if we do say so ourselves.

✔️ 12 Athletes
✔️ 1 Hour of Play (30 minutes in each gym)
✔️ Followed by 45 Minutes in a Private Room with seating for up to 25
✔️ You bring in outside food, drinks & cake
✔️ Tableware (tablecloth, plates, napkins, silverware) in your choice of color
✔️ Dedicated Coach for gym time
✔️ Additional Children $10

Our party begins at $295! The parties are private, and you do not have to share gym space with other parties. You may bring up to 12 children and if more than 12 kids attend, it’s $10.00 for each additional child. $100 non-refundable fee is due at the time reservation is made.
*No alcohol or glass allowed in party rooms.

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frequently asked questions

Yes! In order to reserve your party, a deposit of $75 will be required. Our online scheduling platform will require payment while booking. 

Immediately following the processing of your deposit payment! 

Yes! You will have a designated party coach who will be with you from start to finish. Your coach will greet you at the door, party with you in the gym, and will clean and sanitize your party room upon your departure. 

We will set the tables with plastic tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, cups, and forks. 

When registering, the system will ask you what color you would like the room to be decorated in! 

Additional decorations are allowed as long as they do not damage walls, floors, or other property or need additional cleanup efforts. No tape is allowed on walls or tables. No glitter, confetti, party poppers, or silly string is allowed. Parties that use prohibited items will be charged an additional $50 cleaning fee. Please inform us of any additional decorations you plan to bring! 

Unfortunately, no. Our parties are scheduled to give you a private-party experience.  

You can arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your party! 

Your guests will be asked to take their shoes and socks off upon entering the gym. Invite your guests to wear active clothes! 

Yep! Food, cake, drinks! You can bring it all in. 

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