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trampoline and tumbling

tnt class options


5 years old & up
  • Learning intial movements & safety
  • 60 Minute Class


Invitiation Only
  • Flipping & twisting
  • 90 Minute Class


Invitation Only
  • Focus on shaping & preparation of skills
  • Twice a week
Double Mini Competition at All American Gymnastics


AAGA’s newest sport. TNT is a branch of USA Gymnastics. There are four events, but AAGA focuses on three, Double-Mini, Trampoline, and Tumbling. This program is growing dramatically and is a great option for both male & female athletes who are hoping to compete. TNT pairs nicely with many sports, including gymnastics, snowboarding, skiing, diving, skateboarding, and more. We encourage anyone hoping to learn new skills quickly to try one of our TNT classes!


*Winter Session 2024 runs from January 1st to May 18th, 2024.
**Fall Session 2023 runs from August 28th to December 16th, 2023**.

*If you choose to use credit/debit card, a 3% transaction fee will be added to the charge.
*Each student is required to pay a annual membership fee of $35 prior to participate in any program.

Once a week $99.00 weeks*

Athletes aged 5 years & older

This is our co-ed program at All American Gymnastics. Our T&T recreational program is for ages 5 and up, and the lesson plans are based on the USA Gymnastics T&T program and progressions. The sport became an Olympic discipline in the year 2000.

is for beginner students who have never experienced structured lessons on trampolines and tumbling. We will introduce fundamental skills to build upon for more advanced skills in the future as well as all safety aspects of trampoline activities.

Prerequisite: None
Next Step: TNT Pre-Team

The price listed above, divided by 4 is the price per class; we bill on a 4-week cycle, but you are registering for the session.

Athletes aged 5 years & older

Pre-Team is for advanced students who can perform not only basic skills safely and effectively, but also USA Gymnastics Level 1 & 2 routines with great form and techniques. It is a pre-competitive class for students who would possibly consider joining our competitive team in the future. Joining the team is not required but recommended when ready.

Prerequisite: Level 1/2
Next Step: TNT Team

Athletes aged 5 years & older

Our T&T team consists of both boys and girls ages 5-18. Team practices together, but there are 10 levels (Levels 1-10). The team trains year-round in preparation for local competitions, state, regional, and national championships. Team members travel & compete. Must be evaluated to join the team.

Prerequisite: Level 1/2

frequently asked questions

Our classes are built on a four-tier system. Red = Beginner, White = Intermediate, and Blue = Advanced, Navy = Necessary skills for next program, but does not meet age requirement. If you are uncertain about which class to join, please call to visit with us about placement or an evaluation. 

Our policy at AAGA is to offer 2 makeups per session for recreational classes. If your athlete misses class, you are able to attend an Open Gym free of charge. Come to the Gym during open gym time and talk to the Front Desk about making up a class. We do not make up missed classes in another instructional class. *Different policy applies if the Gym is closed for a Holiday. 


No, barefoot is best! Except for Ninja Core classes – socks and shoes are required for Ninja Core. 

Our recreational students are welcome to wear a leotard or any clothing that is comfortable to move around in. Please avoid baggy clothing as that can get in the way when your child is on the equipment. Please avoid articles of clothing that have zippers, snaps, and/or buttons, or require a belt. 

If your athlete is enrolled in multiple classes we offer a $10.00 discount for the second class. 

If you have siblings enrolled on the same account, the additional athlete’s classes are discounted 5%. 

Our classes are billed on a 4-week cycle at AAGA. We always bill on Mondays. Here is a template of our schedule. Please let us know if you have further questions! 

Week 0: The Monday of the week prior to the session begins you will be charged for weeks 1-4 

Week 4: You will be charged for the next four weeks of the session (weeks 5-8). This charge will be applied Monday of week 4. 

If there is only one child in attendance, the class will be half of the scheduled time. This is for your child’s safety, performance & recovery! 

At the beginning of the session, if a class has fewer than 3 children enrolled AAGA reserves the right to cancel the class. 

Our Cancellation Policy States that if for any reason you wish to drop a recreational class, we require a 30-day written notice that must be received by the All American Gymnastics front office at the time of the request.


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